BDN016: Tzusing | 一瞬千撃 (In a Moment a Thousand Hits)

BDN016: Tzusing | 一瞬千撃 (In a Moment a Thousand Hits)


Shanghai/Taipei-based producer Tzusing returns with 一瞬千擊 (In a Moment a Thousand Hits), continuing his exploration of the seamier side of life as his music mutates from industrial and EBM roots into stranger territories. Like the titular martial arts master of his recent LP 東方不敗, who can only achieve invincibility by denying his own masculinity, 一瞬千擊 asks if obsessive pursuit of a specific identity can only lead to its negation, the opposite of the intended image. Amidst the malevolent throat singing samples, suona-like drones, and occasional shouts and howls in Taiwanese, the music’s slamming percussive weight nods towards the most reviled forms of mainstream dance music. Treating every available tool as valid, Tzusing interrogates taste, constructed identity, and the desire for power through five tracks of destabilized funk and thundering processions.

This EP includes 5 Tracks.

Format: 12”

Release Date: 01 October 2017

Cat. No.: BDN016

Artwork, Design: Allen Chiu, Nathan Rickard


1 Flow State ft. Illsee 05:30

2 Shame 04:00

3 風雲再起 05:25

4 地心引力抓不住你 03:58

5 得意先生 03:52

The digital version of the release is available on Bandcamp.

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