BDNLP001: Ryo Murakami | Deist

BDNLP001: Ryo Murakami | Deist


Rolling on from his dub techno plunge for Meakusma, the Spectrum EP (replete with a wicked Porter Ricks rmx), he strangely sounds more akin to some mutant hybrid of Daniel Menche with Demdike Stare and Sam Kerridge in the crushing, blank-eyed sound designs of Deist. Rotating eight tracks, each as lugubrious and heavy-hearted as the next, we get the impression that he's either exorcising or communing with his daemons, drawing out tarry black waves of sub-harmonic pressure and noxious gases with chasmic openers, Wall and Passover, whilst Immersion lunges forth with Raime-like halfstep drums and sweeping yet restrained strings and Play spanks spring reverb on a psychedelic arabesque. The record's title track returns to root drones on the flipside, before perfusing the creaking structures of Sand And the Moon with etheric chant and chasing the their geist thru the vision blurring drones of Bias back to that Raime-like purgatory of pensile drums and quaking atmospheric subsidence.

This LP includes 8 Tracks.

Format: LP

Release Date: 01. September 2015

Cat. No.: BDNLP001

Artwork and Design: Konstantinos N. Papaoikonomou


1 Wall 04:50

2 Passover 04:45

3 Immersion 06:15

4 Play 04:49

5 Deist 04:29

6 Sand And The Moon 04:34

7 Bias 04:10

8 Soil And Rain 04:57

The digital version of the release is available on Bandcamp.

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