BDN003: Dez Williams | Strength In Numbers

BDN003: Dez Williams | Strength In Numbers


Strength in Numbers certainly counts amongst Williams' most accomplished pieces of work in terms of sound architecture. The fast-paced opener Acid Bath debuts the EP under the best auspices, unleashing ferociously acid-driven basslines – what a surprise – that directly teleport you to a Wipeout-like ride over a desert map. The track becomes somewhat more fascinating when the basslines actually debouch on a subtly distilled melody combined with a well-accentuated break. A gorgon's gaze. With Silvaphish, things even get a bit more spacey. As on the first track, Williams drops another inspired melody in pure oriental taste that shares the foreground with a bouncing string of wobbly bass waves held back until they clash in full effect. The track shifts forms, finely orchestrated from beginning to end and achieves convincing that Williams is one of today's most underrated producers.

On the flip side, Ekman and Bintus are on remix duty. On his side, the Dutch producer opts for a total contrapuntal approach of Acid Bath, giving up on the acid part of the bath to build a gargling engine in pure Ekman style. The syncopated groove gets plunged into a greasy sauce of distortions and saturated fatty fried marmite of faded nuts and bolts. You won't recognize any of the original traits behind that melting mask. For his part, Bintus bones Silvaphish from top to bottom to revamp it industrial-style. The result is an absolute stomper, hitting hard in the guts, implacably advancing straight down its obscure fate. That tune may not be the key component it's not the weak link either, not particularly dazzling but doing the job pretty well. Both the remixes offer very distinct perspectives and that's the most pleasant aspect of this slope.

If you're on the lookout for some intelligent and well-tried acid techno then Strength in Numbers is for you. With that record, Dez Williams delivers a wonder of a two track mind-melter with solid supports from two boys in the wind. No doubt that the UK producer is one of the most unfairly forgotten techno acts of today so if you don't care about the hype but rather look for a really good sound architect that's got plenty of tricks down his sleeve, then just put your paws on that platter. You won't regret it.

This EP contains 4 tracks.

Format: 12”

Release Date: 25 September 2014

Cat. No.: BDN003

Artwork: Nicholas Ballesteros

Design: Laios Papazoglou


1 Acid Bath 05:38

2 Silvaphish 06:27

3 Acid Bath (Ekman R303ck Remix) 06:06

4 Silvaphish (Bintus Remix) 05:38

The digital version of the release is available on Bandcamp.

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