BDN017: Arad | The Glimpse

BDN017: Arad | The Glimpse


Lakker’s Dara Smith delves further into his fascination for what’s beyond the borders of the visible with his latest EP on UAE’s label Bedouin Records. Asymmetrical driving crystalline rhythms cross paths of outstretched vocal ghost fields. These vocoded intimate lullabies sing of unity and relativism atop Smith’s uncompromising beats that shatter and sonically sparkle like challenging stunning landscapes. The eclectic sonic variance of this exciting EP runs the gamit from romance and tenderness to bashing dark bass pulses propelling you to move. We find a wide range of emotions and a diversity of his fundamental sonic roots within The Glimpse EP. This sonic broadcast is striving to be a heartfelt manifesto of the current state of the world: and it may yet have the chance to be received by a distant civilization above the polluted streams of data already wasted in deep space. It may also give us a chance to be considered as more than a curious species slowly eating itself up.

This EP includes 6 Tracks.

Format: 12”

Release Date: 09 March 2018

Cat. No.: BDN017

Artwork: LaTurbo Avedon

Design: Takashi Makabe


1 The Glimpse 05:31

2 Inti 03:57

3 Fried Salt 03:52

4 Barked Arms 03:50

5 We Are Bacteria Sent Out Into Space 04:13

6 Slua Washed 05:05

The digital version of the release is available on Bandcamp.

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