How To Hack Your Reality With Sound According To Xosar

Xosar shares seven occult techniques that you can use to create real change in your life.

Few artists use music like Xosar (a.k.a. Sheela Rahman). The Berlin-based techno producer draws on her near-encyclopedic knowledge of the occult to create works that feel like they’re somehow enacting change on a plane beyond the boundaries of normal perception. The Possessor Possesses Nothing, her latest album, released earlier this month, is just the latest example in a growing body of work that uses corrosive textures and techno rhythms as a kind of industrial-strength sonic soul cleanser. As it turns out, “sound healing” happens to be one of her many occult interests. We asked her to provide us with a guide to some of the techniques that she uses. - Full interview via Electronic Beats

Listen to her debut album on Bedouin Records; “The Possessor Possesses Nothing” on Bandcamp.

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