Haku Sungho - The Scoring Machine / Time for the Stolen Watch

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Directed & Produced by Haku Sungho Music taken from 'The Farthest Creole', Haku Sungho's debut album Published by Bedouin Records P & C 2021

Vinyl LP + Digital Album:

"The Scoring Machine is an automatic device for Time for the Stolen Watch, a composition for a watch that was stolen from my artist residency in Berlin in 2018. At the time, I quickly realized that my laptop and tablet PC had been stolen, but it took me a while to realize that my watch, a gift from my father, was also missing, as I don't usually wear a watch. I was on my way back to Berlin from a five-day project in Wroclaw, Poland, which I participated in shortly after the theft, when I realized that the watch might have been stolen. Time for the Stolen Watch is a composition based around the sounds I field-recorded in Wroclaw, that is, the sounds recorded between the time the watch was stolen and the time I realized it. Almost a year later, I created The Scoring Machine as an opportunity to recall the watch once again." You are about to listen to composition piece “Time for the stolen watch” (6’29) “The scoring machine” will write the score of the music simultaneously. This is not a score of notes. This is a score of the rebirth of “The Lost Function”. “The Lost Function” Physically, this is the lost behavior such as wrist-raising to check the time. The wooden vintage sewing machine is used for the scoring machine as an object that lost its original function. It aims to score the relationship between the stolen watch and my lost functional behavior through to “the lost functional object”. -Haku Sungho

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