Echoes of an Inner Universe 内なる宇宙の鼓動

The recently released single by Constantine Skourlis is evoking the creation of new life forms that are bending under the pressure of time and space. “Destroy False Idols” is a cinematic-like statement that constitutes an alloy of noise, and timeless elegance. A great contribution to this track was the involvement of the percussionist Serafeim G. from the legendary heavy rock band Planet of Zeus. In parallel to this single, filmed this past August in Athens, Echoes Of An Inner Universe is a short film that embraces anatomic language in its purest sense. Like the entire working process of the album, this film was made in collaboration with the Tokyo-based fashion atelier Devoa, the staging sets both the musician - Constantine Skourlis, and the Choreographer - Dafin Antoniadou, at odds with each other. Never appearing together, but mimicking one another's movements, the work is an exploration of the human body and its forms through the spectrum of haptic music, and the chronology of a before and after, a dual existence and a search for balance in chaos. “Destroy False Idols” sits perfectly on top of the performers’ dialogue with one another, a dialogue that follows the escalating tense of the track and the structure of the clothes to result in the generation of unspecified creatures, condemned to their decay.

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