Constantine Skourlis - Reality Cancelled (Official Video)

The second track from Constantine Skourlis' album ETERNAL RECURRENCE, out on Bedouin Records

Constantine has shared the following statement: "The beginning of this violent change has found me working on choreographer’s Antonia Economou's ‘ATITLON’, a large scale choreographic piece which -on par with the rest of reality- got interrupted just before its premiere after the first full lockdown in Greece. More than a year has passed and ‘ATITLON’ is still in stasis, as with most European and International theaters.

‘Reality Cancelled’ was initially composed as the main theme for 'ATITLON' and later became a part of my second album ‘ETERNAL RECURRENCE'. The need to express, unify and share the feelings that were created through our collaboration in these works became imperative.

The video for 'Reality Cancelled’ was created by Antonia Economou in response to the enduring chaos of our generation. A work of fragile beauty and sublime relevance to the human condition of the now".

Direction, Choreography, Art Direction and Editing by Antonia Economou

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