BDNX005: 1000 Plateaux LP by Hiiro Issiki

Having as a starting point of his career, his previous alias "Jigga", the now re-emerged Hiiro Issiki is moving forward from his formerly released work on Bedouin Records, this time with a long-scale work that emerges through the fear and agony of the present times. The title of his new album "1000 Plateaux" is borrowed from the title of the homonymous book by Gilles Deleuze and Pierre-Félix Guattari, which sets a science-based, yet provocative view of the society and its systematic development. Critical thinking and perception of sound, are observed and investigated inside this work that reflects, perhaps, the darkest aspects of our optimism.

Hiiro Issiki has proven to be an artist with unique, dynamic and immersive sound, that meander among ecstatic expression and meditation stillness. Inspired by the captivating and deep sonic frequencies of movie soundtracks and emotional atmospheres, he is now approaching sound development under the spectrum of sentimental inducement merged with abyssal pulses that aim to the audience’s transcendence. Deep unshaped sound waves combined with abrupt, almost violent, noises, construct a personal view of modern society by setting humans and our development under question. Hiiro Issiki’s attempt to unify the visions we all have for the future, merged with our untamed impulses, is giving the leading role to the listener in a movie that has not yet been produced. Either dystopian or nostalgic, this music is about our existential quest and the dramatic ending of the album is pretty much demonstrating the struggle and inner pleasure of what life is about.

Format: LP & Digital Artwork by Hiiro Issiki Design by Takashi Makabe T R A C K L I S T 01. Blurred 02. Socialnetics 03. Body without Organs 04. For Language to Come 05. Unexplained 06. Katto 07. Qualia from a Complex 08. Neutrals 09. Trisolaris 10. 1000 Plateaux Selected Press: ’Beyond modern horror and suffering’ Avyss Magazine ’Astonishing, Noise & Metal affine, dark Drone Album’ Hardwax

‘…an unrelenting display of an industrial soundscape.’ Ins-rt

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