BDNX003: Manifest LP by CORIN

The mother of technology collapses. Ten fragments of her soul are spread in cyberspace. The last encoder composes the pieces to a manifest. A poem that is a call for the distortion of the artificial.

Manifest is an album, in which CORIN synthesizes the reconciliation of the dystopian and utopian. It is a story of manipulated time that exists out of instrumental and vocal proportions. BDNX003 is CORIN's debut on Bedouin Records that will be released in late June. The LP includes 10 tracks.

Selected Press: The battle between darkness and light has always been crucial to the understanding of industrial music, and CORIN honors that tradition. A Closer Listen

’An intriguing take on abstract electronic music which meanders and weaves between the unusual, the bewildering and the strange.’ The Ransom Note

’There’s some bangers in the hot-stepping arps of Catalyst, a convulsive barrage of beat-em-up kicks and nose in Dissect, and the dive-bombing drill rattler Exo.’ Boomkat

‘Manifest remains just as thrilling when it turns atmospheric.’ Bandcamp Daily

More Press: Avyss Magazine, Clubbing Spain, 4:3 Boiler Room

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