BDNX002: Sadomodernism LP by Osheyack

Eli Osheyack is an American musician, that lives and works in Shanghai, China. His serialist, deconstructive compositions derive from his involvement with punk, no wave and industrial music. He collaborates with installation artists, choreographers, filmmakers and fashion designers.

BDNX002 Sadomodernism was his first release on Bedouin Records. Sadomodernism is a technical term in film theory that describes the intended sadistic voyeurism of the viewer. Osheyacks work on this album is sadomodernistic, as it assigns common musical motives to a concrete composition. The recipient creates autonomously a permeable soundtrack that naturalizes and synthesizes his references to the musical motives. His deconstruction alienates the common reference from the self. This process also derives from Osheyacks discussion on the Brechtchian alienation effect.

Shanghai-based multimedia artist Dre Romero made a music video for Bordertown, which is the 8th track of the album.

Selected Press: `Bangers like these won't have the crowd screaming in pain so much as screaming for more.` Resident Advisor

Here is an album by an artist which is almost cinematic by nature and design. Brutal and devious yet with an intriguing undercurrent which reeks of emotional twists and turns.The Ransom Note

Osheyack is one of the most important harbingers of a new age of hardcore, steeped in an experimental environment and mixed with various other spices.Secretthirteen

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