BDNLP011: The Farthest Creole LP by Haku Sungho

A developing circle, pinwheeling, restarts at every rotation before completing the circle. The circle does not close, but indicates the shape it seeks to finish. Each time, it seems nearer to closing, and the patience maintains. Still, no circle closes, in each rotation. Anxiety develops with the inability to resolve the shape, but the shape turns, a graph develops, two circles pinwheel, unable to close, but overlap now. One circle, pausing, casts a straight to indicate the radius, and stops, still one moves above the other, now clarifying. A message is buried in the charts and figures, an odious one. "I am breathing. You, too, are breathing. We are breathing. The subtle scent of us both breathing." Spelled out now, the circle never completes, just makes a letter in a message and makes difficult the reading. Haku Sungho is a Korean-Japanese musician and artist, from Tokyo, who lives and works in Berlin. In addition to his work as a musician, he uses conceptual methods to create his own instruments and to develop his video and installation works. Bedouin Records proudly presents Sungho’ debut album ‘The Farthest Creole’.

Format: LP & Digital Artwork by Jazoo Yang & Lala / CC:Chances in Chaos T R A C K L I S T

01. 三尸蟲 02. 或る景 03. Time for the stolen Watch 04. subtle scent 05. 怪獣輪舞曲 06. 六時の匣 07. encounter 08. abyss of fuzz 09. Dear K

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