BDNLP006: A Pastime For Semi-Gods LP by Ekman


'A Pastime For Semi-Gods' is an evidence to a new mythology, is the genesis of a collisions. Of waves to a statement on the static, extending in perpetual change. With this album, Ekman is describing the chaos of erotic imagery that is unbroken. On the border of mythology and science fiction.

Fog has no sound, but we make associations. When the dawn opens up, animal energy cracks bones to attention and into place. Drawbridges allow passage for the barge. A drum kicks. The drum intensifies. Above the barracks is hanging cold, damp anticipation, and there is a melody. The finest thing in the cabinet is coffee mixed with cardamom and some to-go sugar packets. Fog has no sound. Techno has no time of day. Ekman has the capability of generating a synesthesia that has no related time. There is no skull-caving dance floor and there is no rooftop epiphanies as substances wear thin and off. His sound cultivates a cinematic complexity with narrative far deeper than shuffling your feet while sub-tweeting on a recent DJ callout. He personifies a type of musicality often lost due to the demand for "chunes". Fuck a track. Sink deep into a record. Play it to a crowd. Make them feel safe. When the sun comes out our knuckles and feet will be cut and chapped like a ballerina's. We are in this together. We always have been. We always will be. Ekman's got your back.

Format: 2LP & Digital

T R A C K L I S T 1. Open 2. Thinking Code 3. If Than Else 4. A Pastime for Semi Gods 5. Metamemory 6. Margin of Error 7. To See You This Way 8. No More Conditional Elements 9. End Title A R T I S T S T A T E M E N T "Set in between Classic Greek mythology and Sci-Fi" - Ekman 2020

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