BDNLP004: Harmonics LP by Eartaker

Goth-Trad, Masayuki Imanishi, and Die Suck are Eartaker. The band formed in 2017. BDNLP004 Harmonics is their debut album. This album is a composition that exists beyond doom metal, beyond noise, beyond drone. We do not dare to categorize it.

Bedouin Records and Kyou Records have created an expanded CD edition of Harmonics BDNLP004CD that includes the bonus track A Lady Who Experienced Necromancy.

Selected Press: ‘A refreshing concoction of oppressive atmospheres on slow industrial beats, the noise mastery of Imanishi, and the monstrous, extreme metal-inspired (but much weirder) vocal performances of MC Die Suck.’ Secretthirteen

Crushing delivery of doom metal and industrial electronics from Goth Trad’s Eartaker trio with Die Suck and Masayuki Imanishi, coughed up in prime style.’ Boomkat

The Japanese trio employ dense atmospheric noise and Diesuck’s low scream for a sound that is even darker and more disconcerting than Goth-Trad’s most vicious productions.Factmag

‘At its most punishing, Harmonics tangles the group in motheaten yarns, all three performers desperate to burst away from each other.’ The Wire (from its printed issue No. 416)

More Press: Electronic Beats, Resident Advisor, Boomkat, Japanvibe, Tinymixtapes, Clubbingspain

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