BDNLP003CD: Fos by Constantine

Bedouin Records and Kyou Records have created an expanded CD edition of the album Hades by Constantine, an Athens-based multidisciplinary composer. BDNLP003CD includes the 13 minute composition Fos that is a sequel to the album.

‘While working on FOS, I was researching on string theory, particle physics, Arvo Pärts "Tintinnabuli" and the work of Henri Bergson, obsessing about the inevitability of the violent human nature. FOS is the Ancient Greek term for light. It is the final chapter of HADES. This single is what I consider to be a closure, an atonement. I worked on HADES over a 4-year period. I did put a lot of thought in the decision to release the finale apart from the album. FOS is a piece that exists on its own.’

Selected Press: ’The album also acts as a form of social commentary and creates a parallel between ancient and modern issues. Sonically, Hades is a record of grandeur, where multilayered walls of drone remind the solemn, threatening and even cathartic nature of the storm, while melancholic undertones add an elegant poetic flow.’ Secret Thirteen

‘The debut album by Constantine is a masterpiece opening a new chapter in a rather sterile dark ambient genre. The multi-instrumentalist Constantine Skourlis is a visionary, whose name, I predict, will soon become a living legacy for those not afraid of stepping into experimental abyss.’ Mutual Grimness

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