BDN023: Vanta EP by Zomby

Vantablack prevents stray light from entering telescopes. It is the blackest known substance on earth.

With Vanta, Zomby is giving us an insight into his darkest. Vanta is a construction for the savage. A brute soundscape that reaches the profane along with the cryptical. In this EP Zomby is redetermining his access to techno by developing a language that is archaic. A language that is his own.

Zomby is an electronic music artist. The phantom of the Bedouin Records opera. On the 17th of May the label is releasing an EP of his that is called Vanta. With Vanta Zomby is giving us a whole different insight in his musical spectrum. An insight to his darkest.

Selected Press: ’Heavy duty rave fare that takes Zomby in a new direction while sitting within his broader aesthetics, the EP features five tracks of ultra-dark electronics.’ Clash Magazine

’Vanta explores a typically dark sound, functional techno in Bleed, raw and grainy techno in Threshold and a touch of melodic acid in Zexor.’ Inverted Audio

‘(...) meditative acid melodies and lead-footed bass lines (...)’ Self-titled Mag

More Press: Avyss Magazine, Clubbing Spain, Exclaim, Hyponik, The Ransom Note

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