BDN022: iliiiilii by Jigga

Jigga is a 21-year old Japanese artist, songwriter, photographer, video artist and mixing engineer that lives and works in Tokyo. He is the composer of two mini-albums that were released on Bedouin Records. lillllill in 2018 and its sequel iliiiilii in 2019. Jigga animated the music videos for Imetumu and Kougomu, the third and second tracks on iliiiilii, himself, unfolding his visual access to his composition that is a reference to the traditional japanese ballad.

Selected Press: ’ジャパニーズフォークロアのムードはそのままに、今作は全編に渡ってエモーショナルかつ甘いメロディを奏でている。ポストアンビエントバラード。’ Avyss Magazine

‘Where Jigga’s debut folded drill and far-eastern melodies with a sensitive cyberpunk aesthetic, their follow-up leaves the beats and ruggedness behind to explore calligraphic, weightless expressions of a modern ambient soul.’ Boomkat

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